April 2016 archive

Hey lady!!! Where have you been?!

By bmichellebakeshop

Most of you reading this know I made the move from KC to Boston nearly two years ago (two YEARS already)! So much has happened in those two years – my husband started graduate school, we both changed jobs, oh, and we bought a 100-year-old colonial mixed with craftsman house that was occupied by the previous owners for nearly 60 years (read: lots of dust, peeling paint, lace curtains, and mustard yellow bathroom tile…soooo much yellow tile). I continued taking on small baking projects for acquaintances, friends and family, but blogging and updating this site fell by the wayside while we uprooted all of our belongings, settled into a totally different region of the country, and started a mostly DIY renovation to bring our home back to its former glory. I still LOVE this house, but I think we may have been a little naive about the time, energy, and money it would take to take on this renovation. There has been a learning curve and a fair amount of frustration with every project, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel and can begin imagining our evenings and weekends spent just relaxing, enjoying our beautiful old home, and soaking up the beauty of New England. So, that’s where I’ve been! I haven’t stopped baking, my skills have continued to grow, and I am so excited about growing my presence in the Boston area. Onwards and upwards!!