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Lavender, honey & blackberry naked cake

By bmichellebakeshop

Bonjour, friends! After a rendezvous with Provence, FR, I have been feeling sufficiently sun-soaked and full of bread, cheese, and rosé. There could be worse things, oui?
Provence was lovely, especially a particular day spent at Château des Baux de Provence – the ruins of a 10th-century castle built on a mountaintop at the southern edge of the Alpes. There were lavender bushes everywhere, and of course, honeybees – those gentle creatures that might as well have a head magnet for lavender flowers. You could literally hear the bzzzzzz-ing of thousands of honeybees near the lavender hedges – say, while you’re admiring the fortress ruins above you and the Provençal fields of olive trees and grape vines below… (Seriously, it was amazing! Go!)

Château des Baux de Provence  Château des Baux de Provence
Château des Baux de Provence

Provence got the creative mind juices flowing, and was inspiration for this beautiful (and tasty!) naked cake: lavender-scented white cake, with local honey buttercream and strained blackberry filling.

Naked cake
Naked cake Naked lavender cake2

O.M.G. Per usual, the man and I ended up eating the entire thing within 24 hours. And we don’t regret it, one. single. bit. ;)
This would be stunning as a small tiered wedding cake, yes? Naked wedding cakes are all the rage, and this one is simply lovely. Dreaming of a Provence-styled wedding…

Party like it’s your birthday

By bmichellebakeshop

This week (and last week), I’ve been in the land of the Fran-çais, but I would like to share this gem on my camera – a triple chocolate birthday cake made with love for my husband’s last birthday. Oh my god, it was good. We ate the entire thing (just the two of us) in a single weekend.
‘Nuff said.

Triple chocolate birthday cake   Triple chocolate birthday cake


Au revoir!