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Wedding bundt cakes

By bmichellebakeshop

It seems impossible – this upcoming Saturday marks 5 years that I’ve been married to my love. Yikes! Apart from feeling like an old married lady, I am also reminiscing about my crazed decision to make my own wedding cake. Or, acually, cakes:


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In keeping with the theme of throwing nearly every wedding tradition out the window, I decided to make bundt cakes (and a small cutting cake) with fresh berries, in lieu of a formal tiered cake. 2 days before my wedding, I was a sweaty, frantic mess throwing together flour, butter, and sugar in my parent’s kitchen (thanks, mom!), and baking what felt like a bazillion bundt cakes in every bundt pan shape under the sun.


As stressful as our wedding preparations were (we did almost everything DIY!), all I can remember now was how beautiful and joyous our wedding was. Everything about our wedding was a reflection of our relationship – laid back and modest, but appreciative of the simple things – good food and drinks, an intimate gathering of our closest friends and family, and good music.


We threw up a tent in our friend’s front yard in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, made a playlist of our favorite songs, bought a keg of KC’s Boulevard Wheat, catered in some BBQ – and after getting hitched in the small, romantic chapel on the University of Kansas campus, we proceeded to have the most AMAZING and FUN evening of our lives.


5 years later, I am still so appreciative and forever indebted to all the people who made our beautiful little wedding celebration possible. We have so many sweet memories of our special day – getting married to this guy was the highlight, but having our family and friends pull together to support us and provide us with the celebration of a lifetime was the icing on the cake!! 10 years, here we come! ;)


P.S. See more photos of our wedding via the blog of our amazing wedding photographer, here! (gosh, we were so little!!): http://blog.darbig.com/2011/08/hitched-brittany-tyler-lawrence-ks_03.html