All natural red velvet cake!

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Ladies and gents, we are so excited to announce that B. Michelle Bake Shop is now offering delicious, naturally-colored red velvet cake and cupcakes! For those who aren’t aware, red velvet cake is traditionally made as a vanilla cake with a scant amount of cocoa, and whole ‘lotta red food dye. So many cake and cupcake eaters love red velvet cake due to its pop of color and decadent cream cheese frosting, so we felt compelled to offer red velvet cake on our menu for all those red velvet cake lovers out there. Of course, B. Michelle Bake Shop is the only cake/cupcake bakery in the KC area where you will not find a drop of artificial food dye in any of our products, so this presented a snag. I will not launch into the dangers of artificial food dye here, but when it is relatively easy (and fun!) to make all-natural food coloring straight from nature’s rainbow of fruits and vegetables, it just makes sense to skip the artificial stuff.
So, how do we make our cake so red, you may ask? (Warning: do not read further if you are vehemently opposed to vegetables hiding in your food, especially in your cake, for goodness sake!)

All natural red velvet cake - absolutely no red food dye!

Answer: roasted BEETS! Yes, it is true. But we promise you cannot taste it – we roast fresh beets for an obscenely long time to bring out beets’ natural sweetness and dial back the earthy flavor, and then the roasted beets are pureed to a very fine consistency (similar to canned pumpkin). Like traditional red velvet cake, our red velvet is made with cocoa and is frosted with rich vanilla cream cheese frosting. The result is a delicious, all natural, and vibrant red velvet cake. Seriously, we couldn’t stop eating this stuff, it is sooo good. Without a drop of FD&C Red No. 40, but instead the¬†added plus of fiber and antioxidants! Hurrah!
We are also excited that this recent development is ready just in time for Valentine’s Day – decorated with naturally-colored candy hearts, it is the perfect surprise for your loved ones or as a treat to bring along to your child’s Valentine’s Day party. You won’t find delicious, naturally-colored red velvet cake anywhere else – we are so psyched to share this one with you, so tell your friends and family and place your order today!
Brittany Michelle

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  1. Alexandra C.
    January 27, 2014 at 10:59 am (5 years ago)

    SO yummy looking!! :) Hope I get to try it someday! :)


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