We wanted something special and different for our daughter’s baptism reception, and that is exactly what Brittany created for us. The cake was beautifully personalized for our occasion, and our guests couldn’t stop talking about how fresh and delicious it was. We loved knowing that it was made with quality ingredients by someone who cared about making our daughter’s day special. We will definitely go back to Brittany for all of our important family events!

From Mallory


Let me start out by saying, I am not a cake person. It’s just not my favorite type of dessert… same goes for my (now) husband, so when we told Brittany that we were serving pie at our wedding during the holidays, she insisted on making us a cake, even just to cut. We were so grateful to have it all taken care of; little did we know our wedding cake would be the most delicious cake we’d ever tasted! It was so good that we ended up serving it as well as the pie! In addition to being moist and flavorful it was so beautiful. She covered the chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting and dusted it in a light layer of glittery sugar reminiscent of snow. Then to make it even more breathtaking she cascaded small fabric plum flowers all down the three layers ending in a ring of flowers around the cake, topped with small golden ornaments. It was so perfect for our winter wedding and to this day (two years later!) we are still being asked about the bakery that made our cake! Thank you Brittany for your amazing addition to our wedding! Since then we have tried several of your other cakes at events and they have all been amazing! We can’t wait for an excuse to order another work of art from you!
From Alexandra & Kyle


The cupcakes Brittany made for my wedding were not only delicious, but they were decorated beautifully and just the way I hoped they would be. I couldn’t have asked for better quality and she was also able to make the setup of the cupcakes look great too. I would definitely recommend Brittany to do your wedding cake/cupcakes!

From Jamie


I have had the pleasure of trying several of Brittany’s cakes and they are all delicious! If I had to pick a few favs, I would have to say the Chocolate-Peanut Butter or the German Chocolate would have to be at the top of my list.  The appearance of her cakes are very professional and are almost too beautiful to even cut…but we always manage!  They are all very moist and tasty, and the fact that she uses all natural ingredients is just a bonus!
From Lisa


I have yet to taste a cake of Brittany’s that isn’t to-die-for, but my absolute favorite is her carrot cake. It’s very moist with the perfect amount of flavor and frosting…as is the case with all of Brittany’s cakes that I have tried. My wife and I really appreciate that her cakes are made from scratch using all natural, organic, local ingredients. I request a lot of cakes from Brittany…and it makes my wife happy knowing we’re consuming something so delectable that was made with “real” ingredients. Thanks, Brittany!

From Duane


I ordered a German Chocolate cake from B. Michelle Bake Shop for my son’s birthday. He prefers to eat organic whenever possible, so I thought this would be a great way to support his efforts. I had heard Brittany’s cakes were good, but I would have to rate them just this side of heaven! The cake was moist and had substance that cakes usually lack…dense with chocolate that was rich but not too sweet. And the icing…don’t get me started! Suffice it to say that on the very next birthday on our family calendar we ordered another one! We really want to try other flavors as well, but the German Chocolate is just SO good! We have heard great things about her lemon cake and my birthday is next…suddenly turning 50 sounds pretty sweet!

From Gina


Brittany made wonderful cupcakes for our Christmas Eve wedding in 2011, including delicious chocolate ones with peppermint frosting in keeping with the season. Plus, she created a small, two layer cake that we kept as the “top” of the wedding cake. Her cakes were moist and flavorful, and I love that she used organic ingredients. I also enjoyed her chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting at a birthday gathering, which is to die for!
From Linda

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Brittany made a Vanilla Bean cake for my birthday this year and it was the best cake I’ve ever had.  The raspberry filling between the layers added the perfect amount of fruity flavor while not masking the traditional vanilla flavor. I love that Brittany uses all-natural ingredients! Finally a cake I don’t feel guilty for eating! She secretly delivered the cake to the restaurant where I was having my birthday dinner and it looked so professional and yummy that even the waitress wanted a piece!

From Bryan